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Christopher Vollick [2013-02-28 18:11]
Added Rebirth

I wrote this in my notebook one night in Montreal some time near 2009.
I made a few changes, but it's mostly verbatim.
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+Title: Rebirth Snippet
+Content-Type: text/creole
+Tag: main
+Tag: snippet
+"Oh no", he said softly to himself, "I am the lord"
+The blows inflicted by the group of boys rained down on him steadily.
+They started out sharp and quickly faded to a dull ache just in time for the next strike.
+One of the boys decides to throw a rock and the gash created by it on his forehead begins to pour a warm stream.
+A feeling of //deja-vu// runs over him with the blood down his face.
+He is a man, much older than he is now, long long ago.
+The rocks being thrown by the crowd sting his face, many of them hitting existing wounds.
+There isn't much surface besides them.
+He couldn't protect himself if he wanted to; his hands are tied to boards, and the boards are heavy on his back.
+He is tiring of this.
+Another whip tears across his back.
+He stands and looks towards the hilltop where a number of similar figures already stand.
+"Not long now", he says to himself, "not far now".
+He walks towards the end.
+The old church smells of stale air and pine, but does little to mask the smell of the sixty or seventy bodies crammed in here on this hot Sunday.
+A song has just finished, which she felt was a pity. The songs were the only part of these gatherings she enjoys.
+The expert approaches the stand and begins to read from the book. She has come to hate the book.
+The stories are based on truth, but exaggerated.
+The conclusions all wrong, the inferences misguided.
+She knows better than to voice these opinions, having been chastised in the past for it.
+She knows the stories were authored by Man, and Men can err.
+Men can be fooled, manipulated, misled.
+"They weren't there", she thinks to herself, but pauses. "but neither was I"