Added "Leviathan"

Christopher Vollick [2011-12-13 02:57]
Added "Leviathan"

Didn't quite turn out how I wanted.
I'll consider it a work in progress.
diff --git a/leviathan.mime b/leviathan.mime
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..b1b67b8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/leviathan.mime
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+Title: Leviathan
+Content-Type: text/creole
+Tag: main
+Tag: snippet
+I found myself perched on the edge of a endless body of water.
+Out at sea the water was thrashing and churning in the midst of a great storm, with waves of incredible scale.
+Despite the water coming just below the level I was standing on, it didn't crest the grey shale edge.
+The water, as it approached me, calmed until it was still as glass at my feet.
+While I could see no sun or moon, the stormy sky seemed to diffuse a grey light through it, casting grey tones onto all below it.
+As I was set to turn, and see what lay on the land to my back, a movement in the water caught my eye.
+The nature of the waves almost on the edge of my vision, seemed to change and crash in a wholly new way.
+It was then that I saw it.
+I still can't fathom the size of it.
+Despite being at incredible distance, it rose out of the water and filled my entire field of view.
+The girth of it was expansive.
+What I saw of it appeared to snakelike, but with a flat face. I don't dare to guess at what remained under the waves.
+It rose for what seemed like forever, then turned its gaze on me.
+It opened its vast mouth.